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Containers must be drained
With our background in farming we at LYDEL are right in the front line of changes in legislation. With 1700 acres to look after and a plastics recycling business www.rfwaste.co.uk we understand the pressures on time and cashflow these changes can create. We also know that we, like all farmers, are traceable for clean waste.
Portable Drainage Module™ (PDM) - how did it happen?

The story of the PDM began when our waste recycling business acquired a baling machine to process palletised waste plastics. When we first attempted to bale up our own triple-rinsed pesticide containers there was significant fluid leakage - because the containers were not drained. That's when we had an idea…

Got an idea of your own?

We at Lydel didn't need a huge outlay to start our project - we simply like to think we went about it the right way. Find out how we can help you with your own ideas…


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